Unexpected Blessings

It was supposed to be just a quick run into the mall to grab some make up. However, on my way out, I saw an older lady struggling to walk inside. She had come in a taxi, and the cab driver got out to help her walk in. I watched him hold the door for her, walk with her inside, and help her find the hair salon inside the department store.


It struck me as both sad and sweet. While I got into my car, the cab driver parked and I realized he would wait outside, then drive her home.


As I drove away, I felt the Lord nudge me to turn around. Those moments are so awkward. You chuckle and realize you’re about to do something pretty much unexpected and probably weird. Most of the time I’m not even sure what it is going to be....But I trust the Lord’s nudges, so I turned around and drove back.


I asked the driver how much her cab fee was going to be. Deep down I thought I was going to pay it. I assumed I was there to be a blessing to a little old lady who had to take a taxi to the JC Penney to get her hair done. I wonder if the Lord shakes His head and gives me a little sweet smile when I assume things.


It turns out I was there to be blessed. When I asked what she would owe, he laughed and said “oh you don’t want to pay her cab fee. Ms. Betty usually runs a $200/day tab. Seven days a week”. I sat there stunned. “Can she afford that?!?”


He slowly smiled, and told me their story. In October, after several other drivers had become frustrated with her, Bill had settled into being her full time driver. Her husband passed away a while back, leaving her with plenty of resources, but very lonely. Her only family is a daughter who lives states away. So she calls Mr. Bill to drive her around.


They have developed a unexpected relationship. He said she is the same age as his mother would have been, he seems to really cherish their sweet and spicy relationship. Knowing she would be alone, he invited her to spend Thanksgiving at his house and even took her to Appleby’s for Mother’s Day.


As I sat and just absorbed their story, I fell in love with people all over again. How beautiful is it when humans are just kind. I wonder how different the world would look if we were all more open to unexpected relationships.

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