Selah’s First Sermon.


I was asked to share my thoughts on the scripture our pastor was preaching on one Sunday morning. I read what I had written to the kids, and Selah apparently felt like I hadn’t said enough. She told me “write this down!”  I want to share it today, on her 8th birthday. This is what she said, unedited:



“This is so that the whole world would fight for God.



We should end prayers: God is my God and He will always be my God. For He is strong and will never give up on us. He is the one who was meant to save us, and we will not give up on Him either. We will do as God says. We will never betray Him, and if you know you made a mistake tell God you’re sorry and He will forgive you. We want to be kind of like God, but not too much. Because that’s Satan. He wanted to be God. Even if it means our life, we must save someone else, even a stranger, or someone who hasn’t been nice because Jesus died on the cross and forgave even the bad guys.


When He says to do something, we have to follow Him. Sometimes it seems hard, but like my mom always says you cannot succeed if you freak out. And even if you do freak out, God is by your side. Even if Satan has tried to take over your mind, God is always by you even if you can’t see Him. Sometimes you can see Him because of the love and the grace that God has given you,  and you can always pray when you need something or want something to happen and He will answer your prayers but sometimes He will not. Want to know why?  Because God is always on the move and He’s trying to save other people from Satan.


Sometimes you can even save people by the words you speak. For example like your dad was in the war and he got hurt and had to go to the hospital. When he came back to the war you could either say “are you ok? And I’m sorry that your arm got hurt.”  Or you could say “nice job almost killing yourself”. It’s your decision but I would chose the first one. But what I want to tell you is that God is always on the move even when it doesn’t seem like He is. My church teaches me so much. It taught me everything I just told you. So why don’t you teach everyone what I just told you.


I can decide to be brave, or decide to be scared but either way God is by your side and will always be. Don’t give up on Him!  Give Him a chance. I’m talking to everyone in the whole world. When you go home please share it with people who don’t go to Christ Community Church. This is the best church in the whole entire world. When you are hurt or sick you know how you get healed?  God helps you. In ways you think aren’t even possible. He does things that are impossible. When you go home, I want I to look in bible and read your favorite story out loud. If you don’t have a bible or feel like you aren’t loved, come to this church and they will care for you. Everything you need. Food water bible but most of all love.


Do you know who gave you your house, bed, curtains, clothes, family, and all the other things?  It was all from God. Everything you see right now, everything I will see, everything you haven’t seen yet, is God’s plan. He made all the things that could ever be made and He knew your name, what color your eyes would be. He knew everything. He was the one by your side even before you were born. Before great great great family was born, He knew you were born. So what I’m telling you, is to always trust in God, even when you feel discouraged, mad, sad, and hurt. Just pray and God will hear your prayers. Sometimes He won’t answer them, but I bet He will. Because He is always on the move. Please never ever betray God. God is the one meant to save us. The end



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  • Paula Alexich on

    Wow…. so wise and beautifully said Selah!

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