I'll have a Big Slice of Immeasurably More, Please!

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”
Ephesians 3:20


   I love that moment, when something I've read a million times suddenly explodes with revelation!  As I sat and opened scripture for my quiet time, suddenly, as clear as day, I saw a beautiful cause and effect when I read Ephesians 3:20.  According to His power that is at work in me (cause).  He is able {and willing} to do immeasurably more (effect) than I can ask or imagine {sounds good!  Sign me up!!}.  

   Here is the picture He painted in my mind to help me understand this insane offer.  Let’s imagine someone hires me to repaint their dining room…You see, I am a counselor turned artist.  Weird, but it’s the path He has led me down.  Often, when I am processing concepts with the Lord, He will paint pictures in my mind—it’s kind of our love language. 

   Over the years, I have been invited into people’s homes, businesses, churches, and schools to paint on every level.  In the early years, I often simply painted walls a new color, because it paid, and I like money.  I quickly realized that even doing such a basic job was capable of giving little bursts of joy when people walked into an old room painted fresh.  I am excited when someone walks into a space I have painted a fresh color and they just love it! You could invite me into your life, receive a simple color change, and be completely satisfied. It could feel like I’ve just given you a whole new lease on life. In my experience, it is pretty much always exceeds what my clients dreamed it would be.  It’s their immeasurably more. 

   But, here's the thing, it’s such a tiny representation of what my paint brush is actually capable of creating.   I feel my heart beat faster when people decide to trust me for more than just the basics.  It’s usually the people who have been told about my work, who see the results from what I have done in other people’s homes who ask me for more.  It’s the people who are willing to dream bigger, who decide to trust me as an artist who will see a wall turn into a castle, a nook into a garden, a room into a rain forest.  I LOVE it when people come to me with new challenges that will make a flat wall come alive! The people who are willing to dream bigger have an experience with me on a different level, simply because they asked for more. They asked me to do something fresh and new, but also transforming. For the sake of this analogy, they were ‘discipled’ by someone along the way, who showed them a richer experience, to a point where they weren’t satisfied with a simple color change.  Their immeasurably more was stretched in new ways. 

   It terrifies some people to imagine their wall being anything but a neutral. I stop nudging them towards extravagant extremes when I sense that they just aren’t there yet.  I respect their no.  I will be honest; I feel disappointed when they say the cost is too high and the ideas are too scary.  As I sat and felt the revelation of this analogy in my own life, I realized that the people who light up as we dream and imagine, the ones who say yes to the big, scary, sometimes costly unknown...  They are the ones who will receive the extremes of what my gifts and talents can offer.

   Obviously, this analogy can only go so far, but it made so much sense to me when I pondered God’s concept of immeasurably more using a lens I look through every day.  As I think about my own life, it's easy to say I long for exceedingly and immeasurably more.  But I wonder if He looks at me and sees that I'm not really ready for Him to unleash even a portion of what that could mean.  I want to allow Him to stretch me until I am brave in every way.  Whenever I feel the tingle of excited fear, stare over the edge of my comfort zone, I want to choose to trust the vision of the Artist in my life to transform me in ways I can only imagine.  I want to say yes!

   I want to dream outrageous things with the Lord—The only One who actually can make it happen, the One who literally has no limits. I want to turn Him lose in my life to create things I don’t even know to ask for.  I want to release control to the true artist. I want to trust Him to see the vision and know how to make it happen.  I want to keep rebuking and repenting of all fear, distraction, or pride, and simply say yes. I want to be an eager and willing conduit of any power He graciously offers to flow through me.  I want to see the exceedingly and abundantly more as a result.  I want Him to blow my mind with His creativity in my daily life.  I want to constantly surrender and clean away any sin, so nothing slows Him down. I love Him, and I like Him, and I choose Him. 

   What scares you in your faith right now?  What have you felt nudged towards that sounds too big, too hard, too out of the realm of possibility?  Deep down, be honest, what is the space you think He could do extravagant things if you would simply open your hands and let Him be in control?  What if you said yes?  What if it’s the next treasure He is offering you from His immeasurably more? 



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