Palm Sunday

It’s easy to get excited when someone lives up to the hype. When there’s cool stuff surrounding them. They’re interesting. They’re cool. They give you things nobody else ever has.


Once when we went to a new village in Africa, our hype proceeded us. We were the Americans!  They literally lined our drive with banana leaves, flowers, and {ironically} toilet paper. They didn’t know us but they had heard. They assumed we would bring them things they could only dream of. They hoped we would give them money and treasures.


As we drove up, we knew that most of us came still owing money for our trip.  Much like the disciples, we were just regular people riding in with the divine.  We didn’t actually come to bring them earthly treasures. We also had endless confidence that even though we didn’t bring them what they wanted, we were bringing them exactly what they needed. We were coming to teach them deeper truths about Jesus, we were there to encourage discipleship and a life that will blow them away.


Today I ponder Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem, seeing the excitement....deep down knowing He was giving them everything they simply wouldn’t believe they needed.


The message of Palm Sunday seemed like a tragic green mile. It seems like the opposite of the Lord we expect to see. As I have walked with the Lord, that may be one of the most consistent things about Him. He is almost never what I expect. Here is what I’ve learned....until I see my expectation for the idol it is and cast it down, I will more often than not be disappointed.


I wonder how many of us have felt that disappointment when Jesus isn’t what we expect Him to be. When life isn’t what we expect it to be. When we are actually following Him down a path that will hurt, require suffering to get to the other side?  Can we be faithful in the journey?  Can we accept the palm branches with just as much surrender as we accept the cross?   We are told to expect both.


Tomorrow we will sing Hosanna at home, separate as a body of Christ. Alone with the one we have chosen to follow.  Can we reject our idol of expectation and rejoice that no matter what is going on, He will never leave us or forsake us?




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