Anticipate the Wonder, even when Life isn’t Grand

Recently our family took a last minute trip out west. When COVID jacked up our plans, we readjusted for a trip that would be special, while mindful of the current world situation.  A national park trip had been on our minds for the future, but we decided to just go for it.


I’m so glad we did!

Our first stop was the Grand Canyon. Brad and I had been before, so we had some ideas for how we wanted to experience it as a family. Our big goal was to find the perfect place to wait for the sun to set.


We weren’t the first ones at our spot. As we settled in to wait, slowly more and more people came.  Everyone was trying different ways to capture the perfect shot, however, you quickly realize that pictures just don’t do it justice. The sun setting on the Grand Canyon is most spectacular when simply experienced in person.


We chatted with the people around us, helped families take pictures, the kids climbed around on the rocks. But at some point, as the sun lowered, and the canyon lit up, we all became quiet. Alone with our thoughts, absorbing the display of wonder, in awe of the sculptor of  the stones, the painter of the sky; the creativity to put it all together, for just a moment.

For us it was the moment of a lifetime. For The Lord, it’s one of the billions of sunsets He throws across His canvas day after day. However, deep down, I believe it was still special for Him, not even the creation itself as much as watching His favorite creations appreciate it.


There is a deep pull in all of us to just be still and know He is God, to be still and watch Him work, to realize that simply being present is sometimes enough.  I wonder how many special moments we miss?  Why is it that I mainly see His glory when I leave my everyday life?  I know the answers:  “because I’m anticipating it, planning for it, watching for it, disconnected from distractions....”.


How do I overcome in this area?  How can I get to the point where my eyes are always eagerly anticipating being amazed by Him?  I’m not totally sure, but I plan to try and figure it out  

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    Thank you, Amanda!! Blessings to you and your sweet family!

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