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Experiencing Wonder...Part Two

On Friday, we experienced the wonder of Victoria Falls from the half cracked window of a moving van, speeding towards what we thought was the plan...then more slowly, with selfies when we pitifully drug our luggage back across the border, feeling the shock of plans denied.


On Saturday, our group decided that our best option was to settle into a life in Zambia until the United States could come pick us up. With that, we decided to go explore this natural wonder in depth before heading back to Lusaka.

We started with a hike to the top of the falls, to see where it all originated.  Then we slowly made our way to the bottom. About half way, you come to a place where you can walk out on an algae covered bridge, floating high above the pool at the bottom and see the falls in their full splendor. We almost didn’t. They weren’t renting ponchos because of corona and we could feel the mist from far away.

Thankfully, our adventure hearts won out over the practical. We walked through what felt like buckets of water dumping on our heads. Through gales of laughter, mascara streaking, unable to see through the waves of showers, we had the time of our lives.

We stopped at the point where the view just took your breath away. None of us spoke. Time stood still. The falls were raging. It was deafening. God:  who’s voice is like the sound of rushing waters. I hear you, Lord. The view was often largely covered by the vapor that spewed from the crash at the bottom. But if you waited, if you watched, the wind would blow the vapor away. And all of a sudden, there it was. Creation. A passionate display of glory, there the whole time, You just had to intentionally wait and look for it.  Even when you couldn’t see it. It was moving. When the wind blew the thin veil away, you could see it so clearly.


I don’t think anything has captured my faith experience quite as tangibly ever before. As we walked away, my wise friend, Jessica said:  I wonder if God kept us here today for this very reason. So many times people want to experience God, but in a drive by way. Some people spend more time looking when they are discouraged, like we did on our walk back from the airport. But the reality is, He has called us to go deeper. To explore the depths and the heights of Him. Today He let me see Him. Today He took our faith walk on a literal walk, and I feel like I saw God.

Jesus I will always go exploring with You. I will look for you until I find you, even when I have to get uncomfortable. Those are the times that I feel the most alive.

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